Your exquisite Wine Tasting Life


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Wine tasting is something more than a pleasantly tasting drink. It is a dynamic spirit and every wine lover would eager to achieve their own very best experience. To have the best wine tasting experience, it requires extra special care of the wine storage, wine serving with great presentation. Maitre de Vin chooses a unique range of wine tasting accessories, ranging from tools designed to help you unbottle and enjoy your wine to decorative accessories designed to enhance presentation and overall enjoyment of the beverage.

Multi-Function Wine Dispenser
Our flagship unique self-designed product, it is loved by our wine lovers from all over the world. Different wine types required to be served in different temperature, it's all a matter of preference. Our wine dispenser can store 2 different bottle under two different temperature at the same time. The piano black appearance and the LED button also make a beautiful, stylish centerpiece for the dinner table or a chic bar accent. 

Corkscrew gift box from Italy
Can't think of any great gifts for your wine-loving friends? The exquisite corkscrew gift set could be your choice. Packed in a wooden box, you may choose 4-piece set or 7-piece set. Legnoart has been a famous brand of home decoration for long. The gift set includes the accessories from corkscrew, wine stoppers to vacuum pump. Your friends can enjoy the wine and preserve it easily with the gift set.

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