Maitre de Vin Wine Dispenser for RESTAURANTS & BARS



Premium wine stay good  Full-view glass door

The glass chamber door allows you to access the bottles easily, but at the same time, it resists wine bottles from UV, heat and condensation with double layer glass and gasket. Moreover, with the chamber light switch, staff can read the wine label clearly even if the lighting around is dim.

 The glass chamber door and the attached light switch enables users to view and recognise the wine bottles easily. The chamber door can also avoid insulation and pour sweat, the temperature inside the chambers can be kept better.





Keep your wines in different temperature chambers

The wine dispenser contains 2 separate temperature chambers, which is a nice feature to keep reds at one temperature and whites at a cooler, more ready-to-drink temperature (to be a red wine cooler and a white wine cooler at the same time!). Moreover, 1 master unit can be connected with 4 slave units (5 units in total), that means you can store up to 10 different wine bottles with one set of serial connection.


Preserve your premium bottles  Avoid Oxidation

Oxidation is the enemy of the premium wine. Once a bottle has been opened, the time to enjoy it at its optimal flavor is as short as two days. Our wine dispenser removes oxygen from the bottle automatically, preserving wine up to 10-14 days.

Limited Waste & Spoilage

Our wine dispenser doesn’t cost you much, but with limited investment cost, your restaurant can serve wines by glass rather than full-bottle purchase with higher margins. You can even pair wine flexibly with many different dishes from time to time. A wine dispenser can preserve your opened wine bottles for a longer period of time and reduce waste.


Serve your clients instantly with perfect pour
While you just think that a wine dispenser can only chill and extend your opened wine bottles, actually our wine dispenser is more than that. You can simply turn the lever of the aerator controller to “On” before dispensing the wine, it can aerate your wine instantly and you can serve a perfect pour whenever you need.