Maitre de Vin Multi-Function Wine Dispenser


Maitre de Vin Wine Cooler | Wine Dispenser Decanter | Wine Dispenser System

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Can't finish a bottle in one day? Absolutely it would be a waste if you cannot finish a bottle in one or two days. A wine dispenser refrigerator could guarantee your wine freshness and aroma for longer time. Moreover, our wine cooler could do more than that. Read more

Maitre de Vin Wine Cooler | Wine Dispenser Decanter | Wine Dispenser System

Why do you need a wine dispenser decanter in restaurant?By serving your clients with fresh and aerated wines could obviously increase your sales. Moreover, our wine dispenser fridge helps storing your wine at your favourite temperature for a longer period of time, and thus eliminating wine waste. See more

This multi-function wine dispenser & wine cabinet is innovated and developed by Maitre de Vin. This flagship product, the patented outlook and its functions could guarantee and enhance the wine tasting experience for all wine lovers. The wine dispenser's size is compact, the size is only about 50cm (H) x 42cm (W) x 28cm (D). Its piano black elegant appearance could fit in any places at homes, even for events or in commercial places.

  1. Individual Temperature Chambers (Manual / Preset)
    Each wine dispenser contains 2 chambers and with individual wine storing temperature. It has built-in 20 wine type storing temperatures, users can simply choose the related wine type and stick to the suggested built-in temperature. More than that, users can even manual set the temperatures so they can custom their own favourite wine storing temperature for any wine types. The storing temperature range of the wine dispenser is from 7 - 20 degree.

  2. Preserving opened bottle up to 2 weeks. Without inert gas. 
    The wine dispenser, with a compact size, could avoid the opened bottle from oxidation. It can create a vacuum environment inside the wine bottle and thus preserve the wines up to 2 weeks (vary with different wines). As it does not acquire any inert gas, users can save their budget and continuously preserve their wines in this wine dispenser from time to time.

  3. Instant Wine Aeration
    Different from other general wine dispenser or wine cabinets, Maitre de Vin wine dispenser also contains the special instant wine aeration function to enhance the wine tasting experience. The instant wine aeration (optional On/ Off before dispense) could maximize the wine exposure to the air, allowing the wine's aromas to open up (this function will not affect the wine preservation).

  4. Direct Dispense
    Wine lovers could directly dispense their favourite wine from the wine dispenser without any needs to take the opened bottle out from the cabinet. 

  5. Serial Connection for storing more different wines
    As the wine dispenser is designed to fit for both home and commercial use, users can choose to use a linking chord and link up to 5 units of the wine dispensers. They can store maximum up to 10 different wine bottles with 10 different wine storing temperatures. Only one electrical plug is needed for the serial connection. Both sides of the wine dispenser is designed as a flat surface so users can put the machines side by side to save space.



 1. LCD Display4. Retractable drip tray7. Wine dispensing lever10. Main power switch 
 2. Wine aeration control5. Wine outlet (aerator)8. Unlock button11. Chamber light 
 3. Dual layer door6. Individual wine chamber On / Off9. Air inlet filter12. Sockets for detachable power cord & plug 



Our wine dispenser adopts Peltier cooling system so to keep the size compact and let the machine works more effectively. With this compact machine, it carries 2 chambers and allows 2 individual settings.



As to meet both domestic and commercial needs, the wine dispensers are designed to be scalable by connecting them with a cable (can connect up to 5 machines) and put them together side by side.



The machine carries 4-in-1 functions: chilling, preserving, aerating and dispensing. Users simply turn the lever of the aeration control to ON before dispensing, it will even complete the aeration procedure for you.



Users can always select the Preset Temperature function of the wine dispenser. You can also personalise and adjust your favorite temperature manually. Please click here for the details of our recommended preset temperature settings.


The hot sensitive keys on the control panel make the whole wine dispenser look great and easier to operate. Six simple buttons to choose: “Preserve”, “Chamber Select”, “Temp”, “Wine Type”, “Up/ down” and “Light”.


Some wine bottles adapt screw tops as an alternative to cork for sealing. In order to fit both (cork and screw top), we have attached a screw top adaptor in the package so you can fit the screw top wine bottles to the wine dispenser.


A retractable drip tray is designed for the wine dispenser. It can avoid the wine dripping from outlet and can be removed for cleaning.


Our wine dispenser can accommodate most of the 750ml wine bottles, which are the common bottle sizes in the mass wine market.


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