Maitre de Vin Wine Dispenser for HOME



Dare to be DIFFERENT!

You and your beloved may have different favorite tastes of wines. Our wine dispenser contains 2 separate temperature chambers, you can store 2 different opened wine bottles at the same time and dispense your favorite pours anytime you like. Everyone in your household can feel free to drink what they want.

Our wine dispenser contains two individual temperature chambers, you can choose from the preset temperature list or adjust manually.




Auto preservation function

If you cannot finish a bottle, you can simply lock the piston to the opened bottle and store it into the wine chamber. The machine will automatically detect your wine and start the preservation process. Your reds or whites can be cooled and preserved up to 2 weeks. So there’s no rush to finish a bottle.

Sit back  Enjoy your time

Our wine dispenser can aerate the wine with a simple aeration controller, you don’t need to prepare an individual aerator or wait for an hourto aerate your wine. It is absolutely convenient when you have a party or a gathering at home with friends and beloved ones.

  With Maitre de Vin wine dispenser, you may enjoy your wine wherever and whenever you want.


Save Space  High Performance

Our wine dispenser is compact in size and contains 4-in-1 functions (chilling, preserving, aerating and dispensing). You don’t need to worry about controlling the machine, as once you have inserted the wine bottle into the chamber and close the chamber door, it will start preserving and chilling the wine. Furthermore, you can turn the aerator lever simply to "ON" for wine aeration. You can dispense and taste you wine.


   A wine dispener can preserve your wine for a longer period of time and even help aerating the wine faster. You don't need to worry about the remaining wine would be wasted.
Retractable Drip Tray 

Considering the possibilities of wine dripping on table cloth or on the carpet, the machine is designed with a retractable drip tray. You can just pull the tray out for safe when dispensing the wine.