Maitre de Vin Smart Multi-Function Wine Dispenser | Wine Fridge | 2-Bottle Wine Dispensers

Maitre de Vin Smart Multi-Function Wine Dispenser | Wine Fridge | 2-Bottle Wine Dispensers

Maitre de Vin - Hong Kong Brand

How to keep your opened bottles? It Freezes. It Preserves. It Aerates. It Dispenses. 2 Different Temperature Chambers!

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Maitre de Vin

In French, Maitre de Vin (MdV) means "Wine Master", who possesses a high standard of professional wine knowledge. Maitre de Vin is formally established in 2014, the company has already accumulated years of product and technology innovative experience before its incorporation. 

Maitre de Vin endeavors to develop an all-rounded wine tasting platform gradually by bringing in different high quality wine accessories(including their self-developed flagship product: the wine dispenser), all kinds of wine tasting information and sharing, so to create and develop a positive wine tasting culture.

Maitre de Vin Wine Accessories

Brief Description
Our wine dispenser / wine cooler is designed for most 750ml wine bottles (fits for both corked and screw top) with 2 independent temperature chambers. It can act as a red wine cooler and a white wine cooler at the same time. This wine dispenser's multi-functions include chilling, wine preserver, instant aeration / decant and wine on tap dispenser. Users can scale it up by connecting up to max. 5 units of our wine dispensers, more flexible for both domestic and commercial use.


No Argon Gas needed & preserve wine from 7-14 days

Our wine dispenser did use the Peltier system so clients could save money from buying any additional argon gas. Wines could be preserved up to 14 days (depends on wine types for sure). And basically our wine dispenser could help storing any wine you love (but not bubbles one as it would be no good for the preservation system).


How about storing more bottles?

Our wine dispenser is designed to be scalable. Users can connect the machine up to max. 5 units (i.e. storing 10 different wines at one time), which is more flexible for both domestic and commercial use. Each machine has attached a linking cord, so you will only need to have 1 electric plug even you have more than 1 machine. 
maitre de vin, wine dispenser, wine dispenser in 5 units
Compact Design and Functions

We have put a lot of effort to turn our ideas into this real wine dispenser, from cooling an opened bottle, to tasting an aerated nice glass of wine, you could do it all in 1 unique machine. Moreover, you may find there’s an aeration push bar on the dispensing unit, so if you would like to have your glass being aerated before your drink, simply turn it on and dispense, you will find it would be aerated just a few seconds. Moreover, the machines are designed as compact as it could, and the flat sides could let you put the machines all together side by side to save space.


Voltage220-230 VAC 50/60Hz
PowerRated: 124W, Max: 139W
Dimension (Machine)420 (W) x 500 (H) x 280 (D) mm
Weight (Machine)16 Kg / 35.3 lbs
Power Cord1,4m (55") +/- 2 cm (0.8") detachable power cord
Working Environment80% relative humidity
Min: 12°C / 54°F
Max: 30°C / 86°F
Capacity2 bottles: 1 in each chamer
Temperature Range within the Chambers7°C / 45°F to 20°C / 68°F
Type of Bottles to be UsedCompatible with different bottle heights up to 330mm (13.2") in height. Compatible with different bottle diameters up to 87mm (3.48"). If using screw top adaptor, it is compatible with the 28mm screw top bottle and different bottle heights up to 315mm (12.4") in height.

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