Pre-order: Le Nez Du Vin Wine Aromas Set

Pre-order: Le Nez Du Vin Wine Aromas Set

Le Nez du Vin ・Training Your Sense of Smell


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Le Nez du Vin Wine Aroma Maitre de Vin 酒鼻子

About Le Nez du Vin
When tasting a wine, we learn to use three of our senses, the sight to appreciate the dress, the smell and finally the taste. If the sight seems easy to use and the taste obviously requires some experience, the smell uses the olfactory memory and it can be awakened or exercised. Le Nez du Vin (The Nose of Wine) is the ultimate tool to train and develop your sense of smell, creating a common language to help describe and understand wine.

The Founder
Jean Lenoir is born in Burgundy and a pioneer when it comes to the world of wine aromas. In 1981 he released the first version of his aroma kit which is better known as Le Nez du Vin. He started releasing more and more aroma kits for wine, coffee and Armagnac.

Le Nez du Vin Maitre de Vin Wine Aroma 香氣組 香港 品酒

Red Wine Aroma Kit
Le Nez du Vin® contains a collection of aromas to smell accompanied by a book to allow you to make rapid progress in wine-tasting.

Focus on the 12 basic aromas in red wine, selected from the 54-aroma Masterkit.
An informative booklet on the sense of smell and wine-tasting.
12 illustrated texts explain how these key aromas appear and in what types of wine, with reference to the world’s finest red wines.
An introduction to reds for a first experience with Le Nez du Vin® and a book format that fits nicely on bookshelves. 

12 red wine aromas:
FRUITY NOTES: 12 strawberry, 13 raspberry, 15 blackcurrant, 17 blackberry, 18 cherry.
FLORAL NOTES: 29 violet.
VEGETAL NOTES: 30 green pepper, 32 truffle, 36 liquorice, 40 vanilla, 43 pepper.
TOASTY NOTES: 54 smoky note.

Carmine clothbound book box​
Le Nez du Vin Red Wine Aroma 12種紅酒香氣 Maitre de Vin Wine Accessories  品酒