Zwiesel 1872 Iconics Wine Tumbler with wooden base

New Zwiesel 1872 Iconics Wine Tumbler with wooden base

World-Renown Luxury Handmade Crystal Wine Glasses: Second-to-None | Exceptional clarity | Lightweight & Durable


Zwiesel 1872 Brand - Maitre de Vin Wine Accessories

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Schott Zwiesel Maitre de Vin Wine Accessories 品酒工具

With its many years of tradition, its innovative technology, and global trade relations, ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS is the market leader among experienced manufacturers of crystal glasses. Sommeliers, wine makers, internationally acclaimed chefs and top hotels in over 120 countries value the brand SCHOTT ZWIESEL as a reliable partner. And their private customers also derive special benefit from perennial engagement with the challenges of professional gastronomy. In collaboration with discerning professional experts, Schott Zwiesel create timelessly modern designs and excellent applications for crystal glass, which reflect the latest trends, and which are made reality by ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS through unique material innovations.

Schott Zwiesel Wine Glass Maitre de Vin 酒杯

ZWIESEL 1872 represents an exclusive collection that emanates calm, elegance and timeless quality. Hand crafted glass has a special dynamic, more sensual feel, and unique details which mean each glass is an individual work of art. The ZWIESEL 1872 GOURMET COLLECTION encompasses elegant and functional sommelier glassware, designed to enhance the character and aroma of fine wines.

Schott Zwiesel Wine Glass Maitre de Vin



ICONICS is an unique decanter series combining innovation, design and tradition that represents the roots of glassblowing art. It takes a well-established team of 8 master craftsmen working hand-in-hand to create this unique masterpiece of manufactory art only with the finest beechwood exclusively from the Bavarian Forest and exquisite mouth-blown crystal glass.  The beechwood pedestals of the decanter and wine tumblers are re-created from the wooden mould which the glass was blown and formed with masterful skill. The series bring authentic craftsmanship to life and emotional experiences for wine connoisseurs.

Iconics Wine Tumbler with wooden base

Height 155 mm
 Diameter  120 mm
Volume 622 ml
BOX 1 pcs


TRITAN® PROTECT is a further development of their TRITAN® Crystal Glass with double protection technology: the stem surface is specially tempered to enhance overall durability and breaking resistance. The treatment protects glasses against wear in the dishwasher and helps to prevent damage if they topple over.

Schott Zwiesel Wine glass Maitre de Vin 酒杯