Laguiole Village Handmade Blond Horn Tip Corkscrew

Laguiole Village Handmade Blond Horn Tip Corkscrew


Laguiole Village | Handmade Corkscrew Collection from France

Laguiole Village Wine Opener Corkscrew - Maitre de Vin

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The concept of this brand combines both tradition and modernity. With their products and in their method of production, Laguiole Village keep in mind their philosophy: follow the fashion and create new trends by protecting at the same time the soul of their legendary knife.


Laguiole Village is the first cutlery company which manufactures a Laguiole knife with forged bee (the bee is not welded, but forged onto the knife. Thus, it can’t be unsoldered).

This is their own new Laguiole Village knife production method.The patent is registered at the National Institute of Industrial Property in 2014.

Laguiole Village 法國 開瓶刀 Maitre de Vin Wine Accessories 品酒工具



It is even more precision for unequalled performance. The knowledge of new cutting-edge technologies and traditional ‘savoir-faire’ are perfectly reflected in Laguiole Village knives. 

Laguiole Village 法國 開瓶刀 Maitre de Vin Wine Accessories 品酒工具

There are many advantages of the waterjet cutting machine :

 – No deformation
– Material savings
– Precise cut
– Freedom of creation or design
– Customizing without regard to restriction

Laguiole Village Wine Opener Corkscrew Handmade Maitre de Vin Wine Accessories Shop

About Laguiole Village

The small village of Laguiole is located in the Massif central region of France. Other than the Michelin restaurants, their handcrafted knivies and corkscrews are very well-known also. Each knife is entirely hand made by an expert cutler, each item is very unique and exceptional. Give a closer look at the knivies, you will always find a bee as the symbol on the product. A legend identifies the design as a bee granted by Emperor Napoleon I (the "bee" was adopted as a dynastic symbol by Napoleon) in recognition of the courage of local soldiers. These unique corkscrew is all about their value, their history and their exquisite uniqueness!

Uniquess and Limited

All the corkscrews are 100% handmade, Laguiole Village would only produce the items by orders and each of them takes time to finish the process. Therefore the quantities of the wine openers are very limited. A free leather case would be given out with a corkscrew, to protect and easy to be carried around.

Forged Bee Patent

Wine corkscrews / wine openers from Laguiole Village are always well known by most wine lovers. The knives from Laguiole Village are formed with a blade and a bee in one piece (not welded). They has got the patent of this forged bee production method. 
Laguiole Village Corkscrew Wine Opener 法國 開酒瓶器 開瓶器 Maitre de Vin

100% made in France
Laguiole wine opener Maitre de Vin 開瓶器 開酒瓶器