About Maitre de Vin

About Maitre de Vin

  Who are we?

Maitre de Vin started business in 2014, we aim to provide varieties of premium wine accessories and related products. so to enhance your wine experience. In the past decade, with our accumulated technology and development experience, we successfully put the very first wine dispenser, which is also our flagship product, into the markets and thus adopted by clients from all over the world.

We are going to have more and more exciting wine accessories on our online channels, providing a full product range for all wine lovers.


Our engineers always have a vision to design for the future. Let the great ideas become a real one is what they are passionate about.

We won’t let our ideas just go in vain, we will endeavor our best effort to develop and overcome the difficulties in the process.


We are always here to listen, your opinions and feedbacks are valuable for us. We never stop improving!





We always keep an eye on our quality, striving for better quality products. Our products are tested by wine professionals before the products hit the market.