Wikeeps Xtra Balance Gas Cartridges (5 bottles)

Wikeeps Xtra Balance Gas Cartridges (5 bottles)

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If you need a handy wine preservation solution, here's the one!


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Wikeeps ® before anything else, this is a story about Wine Lovers.


Laurent and Sébastien, two entrepreneurs and friends, are both Wine Lovers and regularly visit wine estates and Cellars.

It was when conversing with some wine growers that they identified a real need:

  • As much as these wine professionals want to share their Grand Crus, they are constantly confronted with a problem, how to conserve the wine in the opened bottles.
  • It was only possible to uncork and share a Grand Cru if the whole bottle would be drunk at the time. If not, the wine would spoil and be wasted.
  • With much thought, many discussions, and the odd glass of Grand Cru, they came up with the idea to preserve the wine even after it had been opened – Wikeeps was born.

Wikeeps Maitre de Vin Wine Accessories

Overall Introduction
Wikeeps® Oenological gas cartridges are manufactured in the European Union, and respond to all food grade requirements, as well as to the highest standards of wine preservation requirements. Wikeeps has a world wide partnership with Linde Gas.

Proof of quality and performance, Linde is known around the world for its expertise.(www.linde.com)

Used in the vats of the grandest Chateaux, the gas contained in the Wikeeps® cartridges will ensure the conservation quality of all your bottles, and guarantees a complete conservation required by the finest wines.


Wine Preservation Gas Cartridges

    Cartridges preserve wines with their high quality gas. Cartridges are sold in boxes of 5.

    Wikeeps - XTRA Balance Box of 5 Cartridges

    Intended for non-sparkling Red and Sweet White Wines. One cartridge will serve up to 3 bottles depending on service conditions. All Wikeeps cartridges are filled with the highest quality food rated gases. One (1) cartridge will serve on the average 3 (750 ml) bottles of wine or about 12 glasses (6oz serving - restaurants standard); a box of 5 cartridges will serve about 60 glasses of wine.

    • 79% Argon, 21% CO2
    • 21ml Capacity
    • Pack of 5