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BUILT was founded in 2003 by three friends, John Roscoe Swartz, Aaron Lown and Carter Weiss. They found a common bond in their passion for innovative design, well-crafted goods, and their enjoyment of food & wine.

With an inventive design team, BUILT has expanded upon its original creation. Offering an entire collection of goods that provide a fresh take like wine bags, on everyday gourmet essentials combining both function and fashion. Check out their products >>>

Schott Zwiesel

Schott Zwiesel
The Glass of the Professional

The global brand SCHOTT ZWIESEL offers functional products with a focus on special glassware series for beverages and innovative products for serving. Sommeliers, winemakers, internationally renowned chefs and top-of-the-class hotels, as well as end consumers in more than 120 countries value the holistic service-based product portfolio. Especially high professionals who use the internationally patented TRITAN®-Technology have an exclusive advantage. The glassware creations are perfectly tailored to ambitious requirements. The product range emphasises the quality rating of the raw material glass and its gracefulness in design and colour. Check out their products >>>


Where the Story Begins...

Antoine Gillain and Jean-Michel Ginèbre, the creators of a new wine concept store, propose in their Parisian shop called «Nulle Part Ailleurs» (No Where Else...) a wide range of innovating services, among which a distinctive subscription wine delivery service. Willing to offer to their subscribers an original packaging, they aimed at re-creating the milk plastic case from the Fifties but for wine in the Twenty First Century...
That is how they came out with the idea of a multi-positions bag for bottles that would be reconfigurable from an easy to carry bag to a spread out wine rack...with the shape of an hexagon for the initial 6 positions version! 
Check out their products >>>


Maitre de Vin

Master the Wine

In French, Maitre de Vin (MdV) means “Wine Master”, who possess a high standard of professional wine knowledge. Through our innovation & development, our flagship product , the wine dispenser, enhances the wine tasting experience further and simplifies the tasting process. It is great for wine lovers and even better for people who do not only want to enjoy wine, but also want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The design also allows wine lovers to gather around and enjoy different wines at the same time, creating an interactive and positive wine tasting culture. It is absolutely perfect for homes, restaurants, bars and wine shops. Check out their products >>>



The Glass Making Tradition

The glass-making tradition of the Eisch Family has been traced back to Mathias Alesch, born in the Bohemian Forest in 1689 and listed among the employees of a small glassworks there.Glashütte Eisch earned itself an excellent reputation among its customers. In the selection of preferred industrial partners by the German Glass and China Specialist Retail Association, Eisch has achieved first place seven times during the past ten years among all German glass manufacturers.  Check out their products >>>

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